Gili Teak Beach Club

The Gili Teak beach club is possibly the best location on Gili Trawangan to wile away the day or relax and watch the sunset.  Open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner the Beach Club guests can really appreciate the tranquil side of Gili Trawangan while sipping a cocktail or sampling our menu.

Our funky vibrant beach bar is set just 20m from the perfect azure blue ocean and is already becoming the choice for guests wanting classic cocktails, imported wines, ice cold beers and Indonesian hospitality. With unplugged acoustic guitar sessions occasionally adding to the chilled out ambient tunes, the management caters to what's needed for the perfect Gili islands sunset experience.

With a western, Indonesian chef team combining their knowledge to create dishes to suit the mood, where old favourites meet classic Asian fusion cuisine to cater for all palates.

Here's a sample of our menus:


Small Bingtang 25,000
Smirnoff Ice 40,000
Plaga White Wine (By The Glass) 60,000
Plaga Red Wine (By The Glass) 60,000
All Imported Spirits With Mixer 50ml 60,000
Shot of Imported Spirits 25ml 30,000
Grey Goose   50ml 80,000
Courvoisier Cognac 50ml 90,000


Sambuca Vacarai 25ml 35,000
Jaeger Meister 25ml 35,000
Jose Cuervo Tequila 25ml 30,000


Esspreso Martini 80,000
Cosmopoluton 80,000
Mojito 80,000
Whiskey Sour 80,000
Margerita 80,000

Soft Drinks:

Sprite, Coke,  D.Coke, Fanta 15,000
Tonic Water, Soda Water, Ginger Ale 15,000
Small Water 10,000
Smothie 35,000
Juices 25,000
Fresh Whole Coconut 25,000

Wine List:

Plaga White Wine 280,000
Lindermans Chardonnay 350,000
Gallo Sauvignon Blanc 350,000
Barefoot Pinot Grigio 350,000
Andre Brut Sparkling 400,000
Plaga Red Wine 280,000
Barefoot Pinot Noir 350,000
Gallo Shiraz 350,000
Lindermans Cabernet Sauvignon 375,000


Black Coffee 20,000
Esspresso 20,000
Double Esspresso 30,000
Cappuccin 30,000
Flat White 30,000
Ice Coffeee 30,000
Liptons Yellow Label Tea 20,000
Herbal Tea 20,000

Lighter Bites Menu

Homemade Quiche Tartlett with Bacon, Cheese & Onion  with a Side Salad   Rp 60,000                         

Spinach Cheese & Onion tartlett served with a side salad   Rp 60,000

Beef Burger and French Fries   Rp 70,000 (Add Extra: cheese or Bacon   Rp 10,000)

French Fries    Rp 35,000


Classic Ceasar Salad with Poached egg, Anchovie, Bacon & croutons served with Parmasan dressing    Rp 70,000

Authentic Greek Salad with freshly Sliced Baguette and Red Wine Vinegar Dressing  Rp 55,000

Roasted Vegetable & Cous Cous salad with Harissa dressing & Feta   Rp 70,000

Lime,Ginger,Chilli,Lemongrass Chicken Salad with Corriander and a Lime Dressing Rp 55,000

Mixed Side Salad with Balsamic Dressing   Rp 50,000


Spagetti Bolognaise with Shaved Parmasan   Rp 70,000

Homemade Pesto Ribbons with Sahved Parmesan (contains nuts)  Rp 60,000

Wraps & Baguettes

Gourmet Bacon Baguette with Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Onion and Mayonaise   Rp 55,000

Cheese Salad and Homemade Mango Chutney Wrap or Baguette   Rp 55,000

Fragrant Lemongrass & Lime Chilli Chicken with sweet Chilli Gourmet Wrap or Baguette Rp 55,000

Homemade Bolognaise and Salad Gourmet Wrap or Baguette Rp 55,000

Roasted Vegetable with homemade Pesto & feta Gourmet wrap or Baguette.  Served with Mint, Lime & Garlic Chick Pea Salad.   Rp 55,000