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At Gili Teak Wellness Center we don’t recommend counting calories. First of all, it’s impossible to know exactly how many calories you’re getting from a specific food, let alone precisely what your body will do with those calories. It’s far more important to choose foods that promote the release of hormones that reduce hunger, help keep you satisfied, and make it easier to achieve a healthy weight.  

Focus on whole foods that contain high-quality protein, healthy fat, and nutrient-dense fibrous carbs, especially vegetables.  

And if you are really struggling to lose weight, stay away from high-calorie, high-reward foods that are easy to overindulge in, even if they are low in carbohydrates. Classic examples of such foods are cheese and nuts.  

Rather than counting calories, make all of your calories count by eating nourishing, well-balanced low-carb meal.

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A note from Sam 

Welcome to the Gili Teak Wellness Centre 

We are passionate about health and vitality and have built a space dedicated to teaching the latest cutting edge information on this topic. 

Our resident Holistic life coach, Sam, has studied Holistic and Naturopathic medicine for over 15 years and believe’s we are currently living in such an exciting time. The latest scientific research suggests that we currently have the capability to live comfortably to 120 years old! Yes you read that correctly, 120 years old! And Some research suggests even longer if we take all the right precautions to remove toxic heavy metals and chemicals, make the right diet and food choices and above all avoid inflammation, as this is the pre-cursor to almost all chronic disease. 

Meet Sam

Sam Personaltrainer Fitness

Sam has been passionate about naturopathic medicine ever since he was a teenager when he had a plethora of health and skin complications that spanned over a decade. Traditional doctors just kept prescribing him more and more tablets and creams which only temporarily masked the problems and eventually started to give him even more complications that effected his liver and dried his skin, joints and eyes out.  

Then one day he met a Chinese herbal doctor, This doctor took one look at Sam and told him that he was allergic to something in his diet. Sam had never heard this from his local GP and this turned out to be the pivotal moment in his life. Over the following days using a heavy restriction diet and a protocol to remove all toxins from his body he had what can only be described as a miraculous recovery.  All of his symptoms went away, the constant stomach ache, the brain fog, the aches and pains, the cystic acne which Sam had become accustomed too as “normal life” all disappeared.  

Within 4 days, the pain, embarrassment, mental health issues he had suffered for over 10 years were completely gone! Then over the next few days he found out that it had all been caused by one thing, Dairy! and that by consuming a litre of milk a day, because he had been taught that it would help him to be big and strong, had actually been the root cause of all these problems.  

This radical transformation and understanding that the 10 years of suffering could of all been avoided has fuelled Sam into a lifetime of research and he has now helped 100’s of people from CEO’s to sports stars and celebrity’s take control of their health, get off various medications for diabetes, high cholesterol, eczema, ulcerative colitis, IBS, Anorexia, brain fog, depression, insomnia and addiction to name a few, re-balance their body and help them achieve energy levels higher than when they were teenagers. He is also a huge bio-hacking advocate and teaches us that growing old doesn’t have to be painful and that 60 can be the new 30 if you start following some fairly simple steps that really work.  

Sam never stops learning and we believe he has the most up to date information and understanding of how we all should be living our lives. Whatever kind of health level you’re at at, a 90 minute consultation with Sam should not only add a few years to your life but will give you a much deeper understanding of how your body works, and help you consciously make better choices that will ultimately have a profound impact on your day to day life.  

Using his expertise of nutrition and passion for sport, Sam also studied to become a level 5 Personal trainer and has worked with Athletes, Rugby players, Pop stars and has recently spent 7 years travelling with a Formula 1 team helping them stay at the top of their game! Sam has devised his own scientific and results based approach to health and longevity which includes a combination of a personalised meal plan, functional movement, meditation, stretching, HIIT and circuit techniques which produce sessions that not only have a high impact on your health but are also great fun for any person at any age and fitness level.  


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Sams passion is to help as many people as possible to live a happy, healthy and ultimately pain free life. We have made the prices as affordable as possible, so get in touch and we can design the perfect package for you.   As well as the nutritional and Wellness advice Sam is also a super personal trainer, Incorporating all the latest science based techniques to produce sessions that are not only highly impactful but also fun for any person at any age and fitness level. 

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Please send Sam a WhatsApp on  +447985 282026 for any more information, or speak to reception @gili_teak